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Fanfiction: Games

Umm, so yeah, I post fic again... though I totally lost interest in this thing a long time ago but there was a time when I kind of liked it and definitely my first fic that I really spent a lot of time on. Also my first time attempting something with this rating (in English).

Title: Games (yeah, lame, put up with it since it's not important?)
Fandom: SHINee, F.T. Island
Pairing: Minhwan/Taemin (don't even ask. Yes. Maknae-porn.)
Rating and warnings: NC-17 (still the lighter type but also) underage, thus highly illegal things, some fail!pronz
Summary: There's this game that they have been secretly playing for some time now, but nobody knows the rules or how to determinate the winner...
A/N: Sorry, sorry, sorry and sorry because I fail?XDXDXDXDXD Also, dedicated to sacryde  who helped an awfully lot (and even beta-ed this shit) I love you more more~ I am sure as Hell I wouldn't have posted this if it wasn't for her.
(Also, LJ keeps fucking up with the pharagraphs, sorry:S) 


Hey Kibummie, can we go now and play on the laptop in the room? Jonghyun-hyung and Hongki-hyung are cheering for their soccer teams too loudly and we can’t hear our own thoughts in the living room…” Taemin smiled brightly at Kibum, while lightly pulling Minhwan closer to get him help convincing their hyungs. Said hyung was sitting at the table in the kitchen, serving expensive, Japanese green tea in a Chinese porcelain tea-set he received from Jinki on their first anniversary to two of their guests, Jonghun and Jaejin.

They had invited
F.T. Island over for dinner and as Jonghun and Kibum had planned, all the members got along nicely and enjoyed each other's companion. Minho, Jonghyun and Hongki, declaring themselves 'men' instead of 'schoolgirls playing a tea-party' went to the living room and turned on the TV. Their favourite soccer teams were going to play - against each other. Jinki and Seunghyun tried to follow them but returned after ten minutes, because they couldn't really enjoy the match with Jonghyun and Hongki shouting at the players, the coach, and each other continuously. Thus they joined the cheerful conversation of Kibum, Jonghun and Jaejin, mostly just listening to them as they chatted about house-decorating, healthy food and rumours in the kpop-industry, with Seunghyun occasionally touching Jaejin's knee under the table, causing the boy to fall even more silent than he already was. Kibum and Jonghun were too drawn into their conversation to pay attention to what was going on under the flower-patterned tablecloth, though.

"Sure, sweetheart, go ahead! Just don't sit too close to the screen; it's bad for your eyes..." Kibum smiled at Taemin and patted his head lightly.

"Be a good boy, Minhwannie!" Jonghun added, warmth overwhelming his chest as he saw their two youngest understanding each other this well. Minhwan nodded and quickly stole a cookie from Jonghun's plate, but the other didn't say anything. That was one of the reasons why Minhwan loved their leader so much - if it was Hongki's plate, he would have been killed by now.

"I'm so glad they became friends, you know" Jonghun turned to Kibum who nodded in agreement. “So what was that you wanted to say about Heechul?”

The sound of the boys’ cheerful chatter died down as Minhwan pushed Taemin against the door, shutting it with a loud thump but not giving a damn about it.

“So you wanted to play, right?” he smirked and Taemin licked his lips slyly before answering.

“We’re kids, we’re supposed to do that… Why, don’t you want to play with me?”

“Man if only your cooing noona fans knew how ‘innocent’ you really are…” Minhwan shook his head, stepping closer, pressing the other boy harder against the door and leaning close to his ear. “Alright. Let’s play then… get on your knees!”

“You’re being all so commanding because you’re a few months older, aren’t you?” Taemin slowly raised a brow and continued “Make me…”

That was the line that broke something in Minhwan. That was why he craved Taemin all the time – the secret, hidden side of him that only he knew. He was always the same in front of the cameras, sweet, young, adorable, with just the right amount of sexiness - it made the fangirls scream their panties off. It made him appealing, yet it was nothing that couldn’t be blamed on scripts and acting. He knew the limits very well, but Minhwan loved pushing past them. Knowing that he could hear Taemin scream in a way no one else had ever heard always turned him on somehow. This time, too, as the younger boy licked his lips one more time and ground against Minhwan, squeezing their bodies just a little more together, he felt his brain slowly refusing to function.

“Asked for it yourself…” Taemin grinned. It was about all he needed.

He grabbed Taemin’s shoulder and pushed him backward at to make him loose his balance, but held him back to keep him from falling, then roughly pushed him down.

Taemin knew he had no chance against Minhwan in terms of strength, but this was also part of their routine: constantly proving to each other – maybe themselves- that pure instincts were in control. He did not let Minhwan push him down on his knees, Taemin told himself while already working his fingers on the zipper, and the quite obvious bulge, in front of his face.

The grip on his shoulders strengthened, giving away Minhwan’s frustration.

 “Impatience kills the game…” Taemin whispered, puffs of hot air reaching the other through his briefs. The boy glanced up, licking his dry lips - whether to tease the drummer, or because of the demanding look he already had in his eyes, he did not know for sure.

Minhwan groaned when Taemin finally pulled his underwear down, and he could swear he saw starts in all color for a second as the boy’s warm and moist mouth engulfed him.

“Ohh fuck…” he murmured, and as the thought of Jonghun hearing him cursing like that ran across his mind, his cock twitched. Or was it because of the skilled tongue running along a pulsing vein?

After short moments that felt like hours to Taemin, he was pulled up to his feet and thrown on a bed in the blink of an eye. Minhwan stopped him just before he was about to touch himself, and between hazy thoughts he wondered how the other always knew the exact time he reached the limits of his self-control.

”Strip” Minhwan grinned, stepping out of his own pants, and as much as Taemin wanted him to get rid of his t-shirt too, he did not say a word. Minhwan definitely did not need to know what the sight of finely worked abs and strong arms did to him. He could remember the feeling of those arms tightening around him, muscles stretching as they held him up any time, any where, any way.

Taemin spread across the bed naked, lazily running his fingers up and down on his own skin blew Minhwan’s mind away for sure, and Taemin somehow really liked that knowledge. The boy was on him in an instant; hungry fingers all over Taemin’s body, much less to pleasure the boy than to feel every inch of delicious skin for himself; a mouth attacking his jaw, neck and collarbone to taste the sweetness of false innocence. Minhwan made sure to pay attention to his most sensitive spots, having him reduced to limbs trembling desperately with want, without even touching his arousal. Ohh, did Taemin hate him for being able to do that….

“Lube… in the drawer…” he managed to hiss out between gritted teeth as a playful tongue swept across his opening. He really wanted to punch Minhwan’s face in, to erase the cheesy grin plastered all over it, but he couldn’t, as his wrists were trapped in a painfully strong grip above his head in the next moment.

‘How the Hell was Minhwan able to keep him caught this easily with only one hand?’ he wondered, not even noticing the pain from his arms being stretched slightly beyond their limits.

The hardly audible sound of a tube being opened told Taemin that Minhwan found the lube. The expected feeling of rushing and trembling fingers however, was late, and Taemin let out a loud sigh of frustration, raising his head to look at the other.

“Now what… what exactly are you waiting for?”

“Umm… I’m not quite sure…” Minhwan winked, pouring some lube on himself with one hand and then kneeling on the two sides of Taemin’s hips, fingers lazily running up and down to spread the quickly warming liquid, small hisses and moans leaving his grinning lips every now and then.

Taemin looked above his own head to see the muscles of Minhwan’s arm tense each time he tried to free his wrists, and swallowed.

“Maybe you should… beg and then I’d release you?”

“Who the fuck said I couldn’t free myself if I wanted to?”

“Well then you should try begging for something else…”

Taemin was not half as shy as people believed him to be, at least never with Minhwan, but as the drummer winked at him again, he felt his cheeks turn bright red. He had never said that to him before, and though he was quite sure there was plenty of hunger and want in Minhwan’s eyes, he froze for a moment. The thought of him begging to be fucked, in ways that probably even Kibum would be ashamed to talk about made him feel uneasy and mocked his pride.

As much as he knew it wasn’t true - he had visible evidence to make sure – it felt like he wanted it much more than the other. And that just simply wasn’t right. This game needed two players.

“Fine… say I'm much better than any noona you’ve had sex with!”

Minhwan’s brows disappeared under his hairline for a moment, a clear sign that he was expecting something entirely different as a response.

“You are much better than any woman I’ve ever fucked.” He answered finally, a sweat, lube, and precum-covered finger drawing slow circles on Taemin's thigh before sliding ever so slightly into him and then withdrawing right away.

Shivers ran across Taemin’s body as he parted his swollen lips to answer, but all that came out was a loud moan.

“Fu...fuck Minhwan stop playing around already and fuck me, will you!? Umh… please? Please…”

“I thought that was what you wanted… playing…” he whispered in a hoarse voice, letting go of the tiny wrists and slipping a finger in the boy. Taemin gasped, dragging Minhwan down by his neck.

It hurt how he bit on the drummer’s lips, but Minhwan knew he needed to distract himself from the pain. He never quite understood why it had to hurt so much at first, but he knew it did as he remembered the glittery tears on Taemin’s face from the first time they got really carried away in a tiny broom closet at a TV-station.He wondered if it was the same for everyone. He wondered if it was like this for anyone else because he had no way of knowing.

It was easy to tell Taemin how he was better than any woman since he never was with one before. It wasn’t like he didn’t like girls; he did, probably even more than he liked boys, because other than that time way back when he was still practically a kid and Hongki kissed him because of a stupid dare, he really had nothing to do with boys.

But being the idol he was, he had no chance to be with girls either. He wondered why Taemin had so suddenly came up with the topic, but he really could not afford to ask since the boy was still attached to his lips, biting them, sucking on them, and licking them, forcing his tongue into Minhwan’s mouth, both arms wrapped around his neck.

Each finger drew louder moans and harder bites, but by the third, Minhwan was at a loss of self-control as well. The mix of their erratic breaths and small moans were never-heard music, Taemin’s body squirming under him was a dance never performed in front of any eyes except for him, uncontrolled waves rolling to a beat he could never play on any instrument except for this body.

Taemin screamed into his mouth as he spread the boys' legs wider and entered him. Minwhan told himself that they were still playing along with the game and that he was actually using force. In the hazy moments of the unimaginable warmth surrounding him, drawing him in, he would even say that it was him who made Taemin wrap his long legs around his hips, to pull him even deeper – this was all their game was about.

It never lasted too long – all hasty touches, unknown patterns being scratched into milky-white, sweaty skin. Forceful arms pulling slim hips up, precipitant and violent trusts trying to reach as deep as they could; mouths covering each other to swallow every sound, mixed with the thought of the others being just outside the room and uncontrollable hormones feasting on unbearable sensations – it was Taemin who fell over the edge first, Minhwan following seconds later, collapsing on him and then slowly rolling aside, trying to regain his breath.

“Damn… my t-shirt is ruined again…” he hissed in a hoarse voice.

“You could have taken it off like I did…” Taemin shrugged, still in the process of collecting himself.

“I never do.”

“I know…” Both of them fell silent for a moment as Taemin raised himself on his elbows and inspected the t-shirt. “I’ve noticed.”

“Ohh… well, yeah. It’s easier this way, I assume…”

The boy did not answer. They just stared at each other, as if seeing the other for the first time. And it was somewhat true, since they never really had the chance to stay still after rough and rushed make-out sessions, usually only meeting up at studios, between filming and such.
The drummer slightly furrowed his brows as he realized exactly how pretty Taemins' face was with tiny locks of hair sticking onto it, lips full and red from biting, and eyes shining like jewels. This face would look beautiful on a girl, too, he thought.

“Hey Minhwan…” Taemin suddenly leaned a bit closer.


“Kiss me,” he muttered, voice half unsure and half curious.

Minhwan did not understand at first, because they kissed all the time, sometimes not even having the opportunity to have more than hungry kisses and some grinding in the 10 minutes of shooting breaks at various TV shows.
But Taemin stayed where he was, not moving an inch or saying anything else, only looking at him and waiting for something to happen.

Minhwan reached out and ran his fingers through the dark locks, following the line of a delicate cheekbone, a small nose and slightly parted lips with one finger, then leaned forward.

Dry lips met dry lips – and as if those lips were strangers, they stopped for a second before pressing closer against each other.
It was something new for both of them, but it was good, Taemin decided, as a shy tongue carefully swept across his lower lip. And it seemed like Minhwan thought the same way when caressing fingers ran through his hair once again, settling on his neck and back, sliding up and down ever so lightly and kind.

Yes, they both definitely liked this, whatever it was.


A/NII: So... umm... comment if you like because it definitely help me improve?^^


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May. 15th, 2010 06:24 pm (UTC)
/reads it again and all of a sudden doesn't feel bad for staring at Taemin's crotch every time I watch the one perf.

May. 15th, 2010 08:43 pm (UTC)
Mhhhh, I like this! It's stil very... cute... XD
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